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Stobox DAO voted for the first decisions package
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Stobox DAO voted for the first decisions package

Stobox DAO has completed the first voting process. Learn about the decisions made.

We are pleased to announce that Stobox DAO has successfully voted for the company’s first package of important decisions. All voting points were related to the issues of further promotion and improvement of the project, as well as a number of financial matters concerning the STBU token.

Details of the decisions can be found here

All companies are developing their communities of users, customers, and investors, but not all companies have yet switched to decentralized voting regarding the adoption of certain decisions. Usually, this role is performed by the management of the company. We at Stobox have combined the principles of centralized and decentralized governance, where DAO voting serves as an essential guideline in considering the interests of all project participants, including users.

It is important to take into account that voting in the Stobox DAO is based on the 1 person – 1 vote principle while passing the KYC is mandatory. Voting is based on Non-Transferrable Tokens (NTT) technology by Soulb ID and Snapshot, the most popular DAO voting service.

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