Stobox is introducing a new turn-key tokenization solution to unlock fundraising potential for its clients.

The tokenization process is complex, so from the first day of Stobox incorporation, the main mission of our organization was to educate our clients, provide our expertise, and add value to solve the main pains of being innovative and successful.

Stobox is introducing a new turn-key tokenization solution to unlock fundraising potential for its clients.

Stobox is thrilled to introduce a new comprehensive turn-key solution to meet the market's needs and its clientele. Stobox and partners developed a full-cycle tokenization and RWA solution to conduct the security token offering. Based on the Stobox Analytic Department, market reports, Stobox experience, and 60+ clients tokenized, one of the key challenges during the STOs is legal unclarity and a fundraising process of reaching out to the global investors community.

To close these gaps and participate in our client's success, the Stobox team partnered with Marquee Equity, a recognized investment relations firm with 25.000+ LPs, a 32.000+ investor base, and a 3 billion transaction history.

Stobox Group also partnered with DAO Lawyers to enhance Stobox's capabilities and expand its partnership network. This collaboration ensures that Stobox clients receive not only technical and strategic support but also legal and regulatory guidance, making the tokenization process seamless and efficient.

Stobox provides a comprehensive tokenization package for entrepreneurs and small-to-medium business owners, which includes:

1. Strategic Planning and Advisory Stage.

Stobox delivers comprehensive strategic planning, assisting clients in making key decisions about jurisdiction, corporate structure, regulatory compliance, and selecting the most suitable token model to create a strong foundation for their tokenization project.

2. Project Documentation Preparation.

This phase is vital for presenting your business in the best possible light and ensuring potential backers are captivated by your vision. By aligning with Stobox and Marquee Equity's expertise in documentation preparation, you'll gain persuasive tools to secure the attention of investors, empowering you to advance confidently toward a successful fundraising campaign.

3. Legal Structure and Regulatory Compliance.

Give your investors confidence with a qualified legal provider and establish a transparent secure legal framework.

4. Tokenization with Stobox DS Dashboard v3.

The Stobox DS Dashboard is a customized blockchain-based SaaS platform designed for the issuance, management, and trading of security tokens and tokenized assets. The platform allows you to create and manage real-world tokenized assets, set compliance parameters, and monitor asset performance. RWA token issuers can leverage it to offer compliant Security Token Offerings (STOs), track their investments, and engage in secondary trading.

5. Fundraising Campaign.

In this key phase, you directly collaborate with Marquee Equity to craft a personalized fundraising strategy, actively managing investor relations and benefiting from Marquee’s comprehensive network of over 32,000 potential investors.

Stobox’s comprehensive tokenization solutions, in collaboration with Marquee Equity and DAO Lawyers, provide a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs to streamline their fundraising process, enhance liquidity, and secure the capital needed for growth. Since 2018, Stobox has handled over 60 tokenization cases, helping tokenize over $300 million in assets. By turning your vision into reality with Stobox’s innovative approach, you can attract investors and open up new avenues for growth and investment opportunities.

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