Stobox & FNT Crypto, Payments for RWA via Mastercard & Stobox Token

Stobox and FNT Crypto partnership to bridge payments for RWA via Mastercard and Stobox Token.

Stobox & FNT Crypto, Payments for RWA via Mastercard & Stobox Token

FNT's Crypto Financial Innovation

FNT Crypto is at the forefront of financial innovation. FNT crypto continues the legacy of financial innovation set by its parent company, Global Unit Pay, a neo-bank headquartered in Switzerland that serves clients worldwide. Global Unit Pay has provided B2B blockchain-powered fintech solutions for over 3.5 years for blockchain companies, crypto exchanges for the top 30 CMC and below, and other businesses.

RWA Dividend Card

Stobox and FNT are introducing a branded RWA dividend card. This innovative financial product is designed for investors and users of Stobox’s services, providing a new way to receive fiat or crypto dividends from investments in real assets and tokenization projects. Also, this collaboration promises to transform how Stobox community members engage with global payment systems using the STBU utility token.

Through this partnership, Stobox users will be able to deposit STBU tokens into the FNT Crypto platform, enabling them to acquire virtual or physical cards. These cards can be used to make payments worldwide, leveraging the convenience and security of blockchain technology. In a significant enhancement to the system's functionality, users will also be able to convert their STBU tokens into USDT, increasing the flexibility and utility of their digital assets.

Benefits of Stobox RWA Card

Stobox RWA card will not only facilitate global payments but also reward users with a 2% cashback on all transactions, enhancing the value proposition of using STBU tokens for everyday purchases.

As this partnership evolves, it marks an important step in Stobox’s mission to bridge traditional financial systems with cutting-edge blockchain solutions, enhancing users' accessibility and efficiency worldwide.