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What is DS Swap?

What is DS Swap?

Learn what Stobox Digital Securities Swap is, how does it work, and how can you benefit from it.

Stobox Digital Securities Swap is a tool for swapping security tokens against usual crypto. It allows purchasing security tokens using DS Dashboard and trading them to enjoy additional benefits. In simple words, DS Swap can be described as UniSwap or Pancake Swap but optimized for security tokens (not only usual crypto), which brings in regulatory requirements.

Analogously to the mentioned swaps, it features a native token STBU, which can pay gas fees. Users can only trade securities if they have a DS Dashboard account and verified identity. The user must have a whitelisted wallet address to connect and trade security tokens.

If you wish to trade only the usual crypto, no additional verifications are required: connect your wallet and swap tokens as you normally would on Pancake or Uni. This makes DS Swap one of the world’s first Decentralized Exchanges optimized for security tokens.

Not sure where to start and how much will it cost?

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What are DS Swap’s distinct hits?

  1. Supports several well-recognized blockchains: Ethereum, Smart Chain by Binance, Polygon;
  2. Enables not just usual crypto but also security tokens trading;
  3. Provides benefits from LP mining and staking (coming soon);
  4. Zero trading commissions for security tokens swaps.

Stobox believes the benefits of unlocking decentralized finance for regular businesses are worth it. Although digital transformation is unavoidable, the momentum it creates for a singly taken company may be utterly transformative given the accelerated rate of globalization.

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