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What is the DS Dashboard about? Why is it revolutionizing?

What is the DS Dashboard about? Why is it revolutionizing?

What is Stobox Digital Securities Dashboard and what's distinct about it? Find out below.

Stobox Digital Securities Dashboard is a comprehensive solution to streamline all operations with tokenized securities. It’s a user-friendly and easy-to-use SaaS customizable branded tokenization platform for selling tokenized shares, facilitating secondary trading, whitelisting and managing investors, distributing reports, and much more.

What are DS Dashboard’s distinct features?

  • Automated compliance: built-in smart contracts enforce rules and regulations in the dashboard.
  • Decentralized technology. Distribution, management, and transfer of digital securities function on the blockchain.
  • Separate customizable infrastructure that can be fully adjusted according to your company’s needs.
  • Optimized for two unique environments: corporate management and the investors and shareholders.
  • No need for any special licenses or permissions from regulators to run your own shareholder registry on the blockchain.

Using DS Dashboard as an investor

— Register

— See the company profile

— Pass KYC

— Invest in security tokens of real businesses

— Have access to the company’s official reports

— Have additional income from dividends or other benefits (depending on the project’s offering)

— Stay on the safe side, using two layers of security

Using DS Dashboard as a company

— Manage Dashboard admins and assign roles

Not sure where to start and how much will it cost?

Consult with the Stobox expert

Jason Jones
Jason Jones
Head of Sales
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— Manage investors and security tokens

— Verify the potential investor’s identity

— Customize the interface by adding logos, social media links, and a company description

— List security tokens on DS Swap for further trading

DS Dashboard is a unique tool with everything under the hood to issue and manage your STO. Currently, more than 35 signed clients are already using Digital Securities Dashboard; 6 of them are already live.

Why is Stobox Digital Securities Dashboard revolutionizing?

As a tokenization company, Stobox is providing a turn-key solution, covering all the STO stages: consulting, legal, tech, marketing, and secondary trading. Covering our clients during all the process stages makes Stobox a unique company providing all in-house services. This is an indisputable advantage and the proper focus at this stage in the development of the industry. We take the preparation and launch of service stations for our customers to a whole new level, improving and simplifying processes at all stages.

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