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What does Stobox do for its clients and industry?

What does Stobox do for its clients and industry?

Learn what Stobox does as a blockchain-based business in detail.

The biggest misunderstanding Stobox often faces concerns our business’s very field and nature. Simply put, the Stobox team has recently faced the fact that not all the community members know what we do, and many think Stobox is a crypto company. Is it true? Yes and no, as Gene Deyev (CEO) says.

Stobox is a blockchain-based FinTech company that builds a digital assets ecosystem, which includes different products in different directions. 

Stobox works in 3 directions:

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Jason Jones
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  • Tokenization & Security tokens. We help private companies with turn-key solutions for primary and secondary issuance of tokenized securities. It includes Consulting, Legal, DS Dashboard, and DS Swap. Also, we have STBX security tokens representing shares of Stobox Technologies Inc. 
  • Digital Assets & Cryptocurrencies. We help other businesses implement innovative business models using Web3 technologies. We have an STBU utility token, a native token of the Stobox ecosystem. In addition, we work and partner with different crypto projects such as Elrond and MMPRO.
  • Conferences and Education. We constantly publish educational posts and videos about tokenization & crypto, talk about how it changes the world, and emphasize its impact on the industry. In fact, we are the most active tokenization provider: we produce content on YouTube, write articles on our company’s blog, and post insightful infographics on our social media. We also published on Cointelegraph, Benzinga,, NDT US TV, etc. Apart from participating in multiple DeFi events and panels worldwide, we actually organize something of our own. The last conference by Stobox, the Digital Assets Investment Conference of 2020, took part entirely online and was supported by speakers from NASDAQ and LSEG. Lastly, we work closely with regulators worldwide to help implement laws related to security tokens. 

Stobox exists at the intersection of traditional finance and crypto. It strives to enable businesses to implement decentralized technologies, simplify operations with digital assets, and remove obstacles to their adoption.

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