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Introducing Stobox DAO, a community-driven instrument enhancing decision-making
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Introducing Stobox DAO, a community-driven instrument enhancing decision-making

Stobox is launching its own DAO. Read further to know the specifics.

As digital assets develop and gain value, so does Stobox: our team is working on creating revolutionary products every day. This time, what we are about to introduce is no exception. Stobox is launching its own Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) to provide our community members with greater authority, influence, and exclusive features.

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The Stobox DAO constitution is a collection of legally enforceable guidelines that specify what forms of governance the DAO is permitted to implement. Under its own constitution, Stobox DAO grants the following privileges to its members:

  • Submit proposals and vote;
  • Communicate in VIP private Stobox DAO members group, gain exclusive information access, and communicate with the Stobox management team there;
  • Discuss ideas and plans with the Stobox team and founders;
  • Explore and partake in STO projects initiated by Stobox;
  • Participate in various investment opportunities introduced by Stobox;
  • Take part in marketing activities and different crypto initiatives.

The DAO Management supports and votes in favor of ideas relating to Stobox token operations, listings and distribution, marketing&public relations activities, influencer and advisor engagement, as well as fundraising and business growth.

If you want to contribute to Stobox’s growth and become part of a decision-making community, it’s possible to become a DAO member from scratch. For this, you as a potential member have to purchase and hold at least 300,000 STBU, be an influencer who has committed to Stobox growth for at least three months, introduce new partners and customers as part of their commitment to Stobox growth, and hold $10K+worth of STBX.

Stobox is an award-winning turn-key tokenization provider that has fully tokenized its shares, making them available for purchase via security token offering. Apart from tokenization consulting and services, Stobox develops tokenization and cryptocurrency-related services. Our leading products include DS Dashboard, a platform for tokenized securities management, and DS Swap, a space for securities’ secondary trading. The latest product in our pipeline is an upcoming solution for wallet verification, Soulb ID, whose primary goal is to provide compliance for the DeFI sector.

If you’d like to participate in Stobox’s DAO or learn how our products can help your business streamline its financial operations, fill the form to apply for the Stobox DAO member here, and make sure to have a sufficient amount of STBU.

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