Why Invest in Stobox Technologies?

Why Invest in Stobox Technologies?

What is Stobox?An award-winning innovative company that disrupts the $25.7 trillion global market of private securities. We laid a solid foundation and are now preparing for the stage of exponential growth. We invite you to join us on our journey and grow our wealth together by becoming a shareholder of Stobox Technologies Inc.Main characteristics:

  • Stobox Technologies offers 10% of share capital to accredited and public investors globally*
  • The primary sale price of the tokenized share STBX is $1 per share
  • STO closure date – 31.05.2021
  • Secondary trading starts after the STO is complete**
  • KYC/AML obligatory
  • Whitelisting only

* Securities are offered under the private placement regimes of the relevant countries
** Investors from the US and Singapore are subject to a 12-months holding period.Why Invest in Stobox STO Now? Fast-Growing Market
The volume of STOs has grown by ~200% in 2020 and keeps accelerating, while the total trading volume of tokenized securities has increased by an astonishing 1,105% in 2020!

Early-stage investing (if you had invested in Uber at this stage, you would get ~10,000,000% return in 10 years)
You can be among the first investors in Stobox, those who always benefit the most.

Strong Competitive Advantages
Stobox has great positioning, best on the market content marketing, an experienced team, a strong network of partnerships in 10+ countries, a product with one of the best UIs on the market, and other advantages that allow us to succeed and let you profit from the investment.

Tokens provide legal rights and protection
As a shareholder, you are protected by the Wyoming strong Corporate Code and the SEC itself, no matter which country you are from.

Backed by actual business cash flows, not air
Unlike many other tokens and crypto, STBX gives you the right to profits via dividends distribution of the real revenue-generating business.

Security tokens that can actually be traded
Many security tokens are very lucrative but cannot be traded. STBX is unique as you will be able to trade it, so the token can grow faster and you are able to get cash out whenever you find it convenient.

STBU has grown fast and shows amazing potential
Our other token STBU has increased by ~600% this March, and this is even before the product launch. Imagine what will happen to STBX, which is backed by the already-launched product and real revenue.Difference between STBU and STBX

  • STBU is a utility token that can be used to get discounts and benefits and as a way of payment for our services.
  • STBX is our shares on the blockchain. When you purchase STBX you become the co-owner of Stobox Technologies Inc. and get the right to the share of the actual business profits. The value of the token is directly linked to the growth in our revenue.

We protect your privacyDue to regulations requirements, shares can be purchased only after completing
KYC. We utilize severe cybersecurity measures to protect your data, combine centralized and decentralized databases in different countries. Your data is safe.Any Questions?Ask questions about our tokens and company in our Telegram chat: