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What is STO?

What is STO?

Learn what is STO, how does a security token offering work, and find out how it is beneficial for businesses.

STO stands for a Security Token Offering. It’s a compliant digital crowdfunding campaign running to fundraise or distribute company shares to existing investors. Security token offering is a very regulated process that runs under security laws. The watchdog conducting a regulatory overview of security token offering is SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission).

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What is done from the company’s perspective?

To conduct a security token offering, the company has to go through 5 steps. 

  • Consulting (Determine the type of security/corporate structure/regulation)
  • Legal (Preparing all necessary legal documents)
  • Technical onboarding (Deployment of the DS Dashboard)
  • Marketing (Marketing of your STO)
  • Secondary market (Ability to buy or sell shares) 

Two main benefits STO brings are the possibility for the company to stay private and raise money from a large number of smaller investors.

STO is often thought of as a blockchain-based IPO (Initial Public Offering) analog. The possibility to trade shares and not actually go public is part of how does a security token offering work. It’s significantly less expensive and quicker than an IPO because the latter is highly resource-intensive. STO ensures the company’s shares are liquid since they can be exchanged.

Fundraising globally brings the benefit of having a community-driven business. This strategy is more fruitful than attracting one check from a big investor, as the latter will have most bargaining power. 

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How to invest in STO, and what are the benefits?

  • Sign up for the technical platform
  • Check the company details
  • Pass KYC (Know Your Client procedure)
  • Sign a Security Token Purchase Agreement 
  • Purchase shares 
  • Become the company’s official investor and shareholder

Security token offering mechanic allows small investors to participate in the offering with a lower investment threshold (starting with $500 or $1000). Such a strategy benefits both the company and its investors, as the first gets liquid shares and raises capital quickly, and the latter benefit from a low investment threshold and good returns.

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If you’d like to see how investing in security tokens works, check out Stobox’s STO.

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