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What does “New Stobox client is live” mean?

What does “New Stobox client is live” mean?

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The phrase “New Stobox client is live” means that an extensive process of setting up an STO was completed. The STO process takes approximately 2 to 4 months for one client. We have a big team of 70+ people working on the Stobox project. 

If the client goes live, it means that they have passed:

Stage 1 (Consulting)

Defining the type of security, corporate structure, pitfalls, regulation, the financial structure of the token, and other parameters best suit the client’s needs.

Stage 2 (Legal)

Preparation of all necessary legal drafts for STO process, including Private Placement Memorandum, Privacy Notice, AML policies, Security Token Purchase Agreement, and so on.

Stage 3 (Technical set-up)

Smart-contract development, SaaS platform DS Dashboard deployment. This stage features two important tasks: firstly, you have to issue the token which will fit the whitelisting requirements. Secondly, you have to launch a platform to sell this token. Over there, the investors will be signing up and passing the AML/KYC policy.

Stage 4 (Marketing)

This includes reaching out to your potential investors and launching the marketing campaign.

Stage 5 (Secondary Market) 

Comes after the offering is over. Listing on DS Swap for the secondary market of the security tokens.

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Launching STO is a long journey, and Stobox is honored to help private companies tokenize their assets and reach business goals. 

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