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Stobox Weekly Report 30/2021

Stobox Weekly Report 30/2021

Report about Stobox progress and activities during week 30 of the year 2021 from 26 of July till 1 of August

Hello Stoboxians,

There were several blocks that we were focusing on last week and still are:

DS Dashboard
We are preparing infrastructure for customer (STO) deployment. There are numerous nuances both in technical and operational sites of tokenization. Therefore, we thoroughly go through the flow and ensure our clients get the best experience and product. Next week, we are setting up our first STO client — Mariana Mining.

Stobox Exchange
We are continuously developing and debugging. Top priorities are:

  1. Connect liquidity providers to gain depth of the open book
  2. List first 10 ERC-20
  3. Setup complete analytical module to unlock advanced statistics
  4. Developing Portfolio section
  5. API

According to our plans, in September, the Exchange will be ready for promotion and marketing. We expect to attract users after all critical works on the Exchange are accomplished.

Our team is continuously enhancing sales, analytical and operational processes. Even though the end of summer is a low business season, our sales team is closing STO deals and developing scalable growth processes.

Check out Stobox Security Token Offering now!Please join our Discord Community. We are creating a place where everyone can share thoughts and ask questions about Stobox products and services.

Check the table below. The Project column represents the internal name for certain activities, e.g., Crypto Management — managing crypto aspects, or Dashboard Dev — development of the Stobox Dashboard. The summary is a general description of the task that has been accomplished. An assignee is a person from the Stobox team who was in charge.

If you have any questions about Stobox plans or progress, please write us at [email protected] or in our group chats.

Business Development and SalesClosed two new dealsBorys Pikalov02/Aug/21 12:34 PM
Clients Research & AnalyticsCompleted 80% of the whitepaper for an Eastern European Investment PlatformBorys Pikalov02/Aug/21 12:31 PM
Clients Research & AnalyticsPrepared first version of the PPM for real estate project in FranceDanyil Voloshchuk02/Aug/21 12:31 PM
Dashboard DevCreating space for save company documentsYevhenii Makovei29/Jul/21 3:50 PM
Dashboard DevChanging architecture user AccountYevhenii Makovei02/Aug/21 12:29 AM
Dashboard DevComplete designs for missing pages for Corporate DashboardGene Deyev02/Aug/21 8:45 AM
Internal Research & AnalyticsResearched and contacted security token custodiansBorys Pikalov02/Aug/21 12:33 PM
Marketing and ProductionPoll on TW, TG, DC: Do you want to see the STBU listed on Pancake Swap?Katya Klochan29/Jul/21 1:18 PM
Marketing and ProductionJuly Digest Email – part 2Nadia Basaraba30/Jul/21 6:55 PM
Marketing and ProductionInsights 50 Youtube Video: Are security tokens the only Sharia-compliant type of crypto-assets? Tokenized securities vs cryptoKatya Klochan02/Aug/21 7:37 AM
Marketing and ProductionWeekly Report 29/2021Katya Klochan27/Jul/21 6:09 PM
Marketing and ProductionStobox Announces a Youtube Live StreamKatya Klochan02/Aug/21 7:28 AM
Marketing and ProductionStobox contributed to the Ministry of Digital Transformation of UkraineKatya Klochan28/Jul/21 4:49 PM
Marketing and ProductionStobox Members Announcement – Kirill SerhienkoKatya Klochan30/Jul/21 12:01 PM
Marketing and ProductionBlog Article Announcement: What is cryptocurrency staking?Kateryna Dashevets27/Jul/21 2:57 PM
Marketing and ProductionInsights 50 Youtube Video: Does Qur’an approve crypto?Katya Klochan29/Jul/21 11:53 AM
Marketing and ProductionUpdating Stobox Ecosystem Whitepaper from v.1 to v.2Gene Deyev27/Jul/21 1:10 PM
Marketing and ProductionBlog Article 47 Announcement: Tokenization of natural resourcesKateryna Dashevets02/Aug/21 7:36 AM
OnboardingOnbording Bernard Anderson ( Investor Relations Director)Ekaterina Kopan02/Aug/21 11:15 AM
OperationalMonthly Reporting of the companyEkaterina Kopan02/Aug/21 7:55 AM
OperationalFinalise Support Section for DS DashboardGene Deyev30/Jul/21 10:37 PM
OperationalRefining Support Centre Structure and ContentArevik Dumikian30/Jul/21 2:37 PM
OperationalSetuping BitwardenEkaterina Kopan29/Jul/21 10:49 AM
Stobox Exchange DevCreating detailed roadmap for Q3 for Stobox ExchangeGene Deyev27/Jul/21 2:19 PM
Technical R&DDesign company ecosystem infographicsYevhen Havrylenko29/Jul/21 3:40 PM
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