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Stobox Weekly Report 27/2021

Stobox Weekly Report 27/2021

Report about Stobox progress and activities during week 27 of the year 2021from 5 of July till 11 of July

Hello Stoboxians,

Stobox Exchange Beta is live! We planned to release the exchange in Q1, but it took us more than expected, and we released the public beta last week. Meanwhile, Stobox Exchange is in beta mode. We are beta testing the correctness of all procedures: Deposit, Withdraw, Order Marching, Trade History, Open Books, et cetera.

The next update will include Rewards/Referrals, Notifications, and APIs. Once the API is complete, we will be able to start connecting to third-party venues and providers. We are about to build knowledge about Stobox Exchange.

While we work on the exchange, our second tech team focuses on DS Dashboard, the first client’s deliveries, and DS Swap development. The latter is the AMM decentralized venue for secondary trading of security tokens. This is our unique product destined for mainly corporate clients who seek tokenization of securities.

Finally, there are plenty of tasks that we are closing: legal framing, operational growth (50+ team members managed online), technical development of several products, financial and long-term planning… Some important completed tasks have been included in this report.

Please stay tuned! We are announcing staking 2.0, a trading contest, some other activities like sharedrops and Twitter contests.

Please join our Discord Community. We are creating a place where everyone can share thoughts and ask questions about Stobox products and services.

Check the table below. The Project column represents the internal name for certain activities, e.g., Crypto Management — managing crypto aspects, or Dashboard Dev — development of the Stobox Dashboard. The summary is a general description of the task that has been accomplished. An assignee is a person from the Stobox team who was in charge.
If you have any questions about Stobox plans or progress, please write us at [email protected] or in our group chats.

Business Development and SalesClosed a deal for an for additional scope of work with Eastern European Investment PlatformBorys Pikalov12/Jul/21 9:37 AM
Business Development and SalesSales Report (New Leads) 05/07/21 -09/07/21Borys Pikalov12/Jul/21 9:27 AM
Business Development and SalesUpdate official quotationBorys Pikalov12/Jul/21 9:27 AM
Clients Research & AnalyticsFinalized 90% of the Tokenomics for a Eastern European Investment PlatformBorys Pikalov12/Jul/21 9:25 AM
Clients Research & AnalyticsFinalized Reg D PPM for a farming client from the USBorys Pikalov12/Jul/21 9:24 AM
Clients Research & AnalyticsFeasibility Assessment for Real Estate in FranceBorys Pikalov12/Jul/21 9:23 AM
Clients Research & AnalyticsFeasibility Assessment for Teak PlantationsBorys Pikalov12/Jul/21 9:23 AM
Crypto ManagementSetting up template of 2th promotion (500$)Igor Haleta12/Jul/21 12:32 PM
Crypto ManagementGo live testing with Twitter SpacesGene Deyev07/Jul/21 7:23 AM
Crypto ManagementExchange user trackingGene Deyev07/Jul/21 7:25 AM
Crypto ManagementProcessing of the first share-drop of Stobox Tokenized SharesGene Deyev07/Jul/21 6:49 AM
FinanceCreating a budget for Q3-Q4 2021Gene Deyev07/Jul/21 6:45 AM
Marketing and ProductionTurning industry’s temporary “Summertime Sadness” into Pure Bonanza Madness (Deposit Competition)Katya Klochan09/Jul/21 5:58 PM
Marketing and ProductionStobox Announces a Discord Live Stream (Staking and Deposit Competition)Katya Klochan10/Jul/21 3:27 PM
Marketing and ProductionStobox on BlockonomiKatya Klochan08/Jul/21 12:25 PM
Marketing and ProductionClaim your staking rewards!Katya Klochan07/Jul/21 4:16 PM
Marketing and ProductionStobox on NewsBTCKatya Klochan06/Jul/21 2:07 PM
Marketing and ProductionWeekly Report 26/2021Katya Klochan07/Jul/21 3:06 PM
Marketing and ProductionRedesigning Ecosystem block on Stobox WebsiteInna Chernikova09/Jul/21 10:22 AM
Marketing and ProductionWeek 27 Infographic Announcement: Security Token Market GrowthInna Chernikova09/Jul/21 6:06 PM
Marketing and ProductionArticle Insights 45: Different Tokenization Cases Overview should chose tokenization insteadKateryna Dashevets08/Jul/21 10:45 PM
Marketing and ProductionStobox Announces a Public-Beta launch of the Stobox ExchangeKatya Klochan06/Jul/21 8:28 AM
Marketing and ProductionStobox reached 30K registrants on the Stobox ExchnageKatya Klochan07/Jul/21 8:19 PM
OperationalSetuping workflow of Help CenterEkaterina Kopan06/Jul/21 9:19 AM
OperationalMigrating to Google DiskEkaterina Kopan06/Jul/21 8:46 AM
Stobox Exchange DevFAT deployment adjustmentsElvira Bostanova07/Jul/21 7:14 AM
Stobox Exchange DevFAT and UAT deploymentElvira Bostanova07/Jul/21 7:14 AM
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