Stobox Weekly Report 25/2021

Report about Stobox progress and activities during week 25 of the year 2021
from 21 of June till 27 of June
29 JUNE, 2021
Weekly Reports
Hello Stoboxians,

We had a very productive week last week. We are getting closed to the exchange launch and therefore there are a lot of actions that must be accomplished before we could go live: from copyrights on front-end to back-end security and data protection. Stay tuned and participate in numerous Stobox marketing activities: share-drops, early-bird registrations, community engagement and so on…

We are happy to present an updated Stobox Ecosystem. We have identified 4 blocks of activities within Stobox operational model: digital assets or crypto activities, tokenization of securities, investment conference & education and business consulting. Each of the blocks has unique products and services. Even though Stobox is a young company, our ambitions go far beyond the current state. We believe that the market of decentralised assets and tokenized securities will continue to grow exponentially and Stobox will be ready to satisfy the pace of the ongoing global adoption.
Stobox has a 2-token system, where STBU is a utility token used in exchange and other ecosystem products; STBX is a security token that represents a share in the main company β€” Stobox Technologies Inc. (USA). Both tokens are subject to trade, however, STBX will be traded in a separate environment DS Swap accessible via DS Dashboard. Stobox is a global pioneer in unlocking secondary trading for private securities.

Please join our Discord Community. We are creating a place where everyone can share thoughts and ask questions about Stobox products and services.

Check the table below. The Project column represents the internal name for certain activities, e.g., Crypto Management β€” managing crypto aspects, or Dashboard Dev β€” development of the Stobox Dashboard. The summary is a general description of the task that has been accomplished. An assignee is a person from the Stobox team who was in charge.

If you have any questions about Stobox plans or progress, please write us at [email protected] or in our group chats.
29 JUNE, 2021
Weekly Reports
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