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Stobox Weekly Report 20/2021

Stobox Weekly Report 20/2021

Report about Stobox progress and activities during week 20 of the year 2021 from 17 of May till 23 of May

Dear Stoboxians,

If you have any questions about Stobox plans or progress, please write to me [email protected] or in our group chats.Technical and Product DevelopmentStobox DS Dashboard

Version 1.8.7 has been released!

Stobox Dashboard Product Team is focused on several epics:

  1. Redesign of both investors and corporate views. The decision was made after collecting first feedback from the clients and users.
  2. Setting up the flow of the first client onboarding. Our business analytics team and DevOps are preparing a structured flow of deploying the customer’s dashboards. The first client’s DS Dashboard is to be deployed within the next 3 weeks. The release will include the redesign mentioned in Point 1.

Once we complete the deployment of our first client (June 2021), we will streamline the process for our awaiting clients (4).Stobox ExchangeOur Stobox Exchange Team is working on completing the following roadmap:

  1. June 10-15 – Closed Beta Testing;
  2. June 20-25 – Beta Launch & Bug Bounty;
  3. July 1-10 – Stobox Exchange Opening (Location: TBA).

Full roadmap, team members, and marketing activities will be announced prior to the Closed Beta Testing in June.

Stobox Bridge
Development of the Bridge ETH <> BSC is in progress. Estimated completion date — the 10th of June 2021.


  • Migration to Atlassian Jira – In progress;
  • Migration to Google Disk – In progress;
  • Migration to Microsoft Teams – Done;
  • Hired a Senior Project Manager for Stobox Exchange.

Analytics & Business Documentation

  • Setting up a Corporate Knowledge Base in Atlassian Confluence. Estimated release date – the 1st of July 2021.

Business Development & Sales

  • New projects in the pipeline:

— A technology company that needs an STO to raise capital by offering 25% of equity — based in Austria;
— A Russian development project in Bali — want to raise 50mm USD for the rental accommodation by giving investors monthly dividends and a share on capital appreciation;
— A company based in California, USA — An equity company looking at tokenization of investment portfolio.

  • Received 7 requests on the Stobox website:

— 4 – Tokenization Consulting;
— 1 – Real Estate;
— 2 – Other.Marketing and Production

  • Announced participation in the BlockchainUA, the biggest blockchain event in Ukraine and CIS countries;
  • Announced participation of Stobox Co-Founder Ross Shemeliak in SIGMA IGathering VIP private dinner;
  • Published an analytical article about Utility Tokens vs Security Tokens vs NFT;
  • Published a Stobox Insights video about 6 creative use cases of tokenization of assets for business model innovation and asset monetization;
  • Announced a new Stobox Investor Relations Director — Bernard Anderson.

If you believe in Stobox and in the industry of tokenized securities, you have a chance to become a Stobox Technologies Inc. shareholder by participating in the Stobox Security Token Offering.Simply register on, pass Identity Verification, and invest in tokenized shares of Stobox Technologies Inc. These shares are backed by corporate assets, proprietary technologies, professional team members, and intellectual property. The secondary trading will be available after the completion of STO in June 2021.

Finally, I would like to thank all of our team members, active partners, and community members who contribute to Stobox! Have a great week!

With warm regards,
Gene Deyev

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