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Stobox Weekly Report 16/2021

Stobox Weekly Report 16/2021

Stobox Weekly Report 16/2021Report about Stobox progress and activities during the week 16 of the year 2021 from 19 of April till 25 of April

Dear Stoboxians,

If you have any questions about Stobox plans or progress, please write to me [email protected] or in our group chats.

Technical and Product Development

Stobox DS Dashboard
Completed the release v.1.5.4. The update includes the following:

Corporate environment

  • Updated pop-up forms for better user experience;
  • Updated system emails;
  • Updated Transfer;
  • Fixed logout feature when a session expires;
  • Added functionality to add/remove the role from a smart contract;
  • Updated account deletion and cancellation features;
  • Updated the user interface for a better experience;
  • Updated the copyrights;

Back end

  • Completed parsing blocks to get data from the hash transaction;
  • Fixed bugs with parsing blocks for transfer;
  • Updated exchange rates API;
  • Added a feature for collecting data of corporate documents for Investors;

Investor environment

  • Updated user interface;
  • Updated KYB flow for corporate investors;
  • Updated validation of document issuance and expiration;

General tasks

  • Client’s questionnaire refactored;
  • Completed product documentation, SLA, SAAS;

We are currently in the process of engaging a System Auditor company to audit code and provide our clients with third-party opinion on security and data protection issues.

Stobox Exchange
Due to global changes in the infrastructure which caused the delay in release, we are now finally connecting all components of the infrastructure. Within the next 2 weeks sprint we plan to launch an internal beta to start testing registration/login and order management. The sprint after will include deposit/withdrawal, key management, and blockchain nodes integration.

No password login!

No password leakage is possible as logging into the exchange does not require passwords. Alternative flow has been implemented where a user has to input series of one-time codes in order to log in.

Front end updates:

  • Updated the user interface of Login and Registration pages;
  • Migrated all UIs into Figma;
  • Completed:
  • Login page;
  • Registration page;
  • Orders page;


  • Passed STBU Smart contract audit;
  • Started development of the ETH/BSC Bridge;
  • Finalized DS Dashboard product documentation, SLA, SAAS;

Analytics & Business Documentation

  • In the progress of filing applications for Tier-1 Exchanges (Bithumb, Bitstamp)
  • Completed an offering executive summary for investor relations company in respect to Stobox STO;
  • Started redefining internal knowledge base to build scalable analytics department;
  • Researched Liquidity Pool token models;

Business Development & Sales

9 new projects in the pipeline:

  • Community-focused crowdfunding platform from the US;
  • Lottery project;
  • DeFi/Tokenized securities interface;
  • Chemical industry manufacturer;
  • Gold mining company from Central Africa;
  • Startup in the travel tech industry;
  • Luxury resort from the US;
  • Company with a UK-based real estate portfolio.
  • UK-based venture studio

New potential partnership:

  • UK-based investor relations company with a focus on digital assets.
  • Received 5 requests on the Stobox website;

Marketing and Production

  • Announced that Stobox will be launched on Binance Smart Chain!
  • Announced that Stobox utility token STBU passed a Security Audit;
  • Published a Stobox Insight video about the real benefits of tokenization and how a business owner can leverage it;
  • Published an analytical article about what to expect when you raise capital through a private placement;
  • Announced Stobox copywriter – Kate Dashevets;

If you believe in Stobox and in the industry of tokenized securities, you have a chance to become a Stobox Technologies Inc. shareholder by participating in the Stobox Security Token Offering.

Simply register on, pass Identity Verification, and invest in tokenized shares of Stobox Technologies Inc. These shares are backed by corporate assets, proprietary technologies, professional team members, and intellectual property. The secondary trading will be available after the completion of STO in June 2021.

Finally, I would like to thank all of our team members, active partners, and community members who contribute to Stobox! Have a great week!

With warm regards,
Gene Deyev

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