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Stobox Weekly Report 11/2021

Stobox Weekly Report 11/2021

Report about Stobox progress and activities during the week 11 of the year 2021.

Dear Stoboxians,

If you have any questions about Stobox plans or progress – please write to me [email protected] or in our group chats.

Technical and Product Development

Stobox DS Dashboard:
Finally, we have engaged several more devs to manage the Dashboard development. Hallelujah!
The Dashboard development is now completely on track and all tech updates are made in a fine manner. We have successfully deployed DS Dashboard v.1.2.1 and are currently working on v.1.3.2 which will be optimized for our first clients.

We are continuously working with upcoming and potential clients in order to simplify certain flows and make sure issuance and management of digital securities become an easy-to-manage process.

This is not a Solitaire screen. It’s Stobox never-ending dev tasks.

Stobox Exchange

Many people ask us about the positioning of the Stobox Exchange, i.e. what makes it unique. We are preparing a full explanatory document about the Stobox Exchange, which we will share within the next couple of days.

Actively looking for developers:

  • Go;
  • Solidity;
  • Lua/Tarantool;
  • Angular;
  • Support engineers;

Night-mode view. Isn’t it beautiful? Please comment in the Stobox Telegram Group to share your opinion.

Business Development & Sales

  • New projects in the pipeline:

– A marketplace of collectibles (wine, cars, etc.) from the UK;

  • Officially Joined the Crypto Valley Association (The most recognised crypto association in the EU);
  • Connected with 2 crypto-friendly banks to help our clients attract fiat (Maerski Baumann and SatchelPay);
  • Discussed the next steps and technical requirements with a Mining Сompany from Georgia;
  • Conducted 2 demo calls;
  • Conducted 7 calls with potential clients and partners;
  • Received 4 requests from the Stobox website.

Analytics & Business Documentation

  • Updated Stobox STO information on Security Token Market;
  • Research completed – Tokenization of public shares;
  • Applied for listing on Yahoo Finance;
  • Updated clients proposals for STOs;
  • Filed an application to BnkToTheFuture;

Marketing and Production

– Created draft copyrights for the Digital Assets Consulting page;
– Created a technical task to update new partners and media;
– Created a Structure for Digital Asset Consulting page;
– Set up Stobox Website Analytics;
– Created 1.2 version of the email marketing funnel.

Legal and Finance

  • Conducted a Stobox Technologies Inc. board directors meeting;
  • Finalized an agreement for the Stobox client from the US;
  • Finalized an EDGAR application form;
  • Reviewed all KYC requests of the last week and whitelisted the investors;
  • Contacted the domain registration provider to close a fake Stobox website;
  • Revised the Stobox SaaS agreement;
  • Revised an agreement with the investment relations manager;
  • Created an MNDA for the Stobox potential partner;
  • Created an agreement for the PPC contractor;
  • Created an agreement for the flutter contractor;

Finally, I would like to thank all of our team members, active partners, and community members who contribute to Stobox! Have a great week!

With warm regards,
Gene Deyev

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