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Stobox Weekly Report 09/2021

Stobox Weekly Report 09/2021

Report about Stobox progress and activities during the week 09 of the year 2021.

Dear Stoboxians,

If you have any questions about Stobox plans or progress – please write to me [email protected] or in our group chats.

Technical and Product Development

It was a busy week for devs. As we have launched Stobox STO on the DS Dashboard infrastructure we are facing new challenges: support and bug fixing. Going live is a new stage of production where software resilience and client support are as important as development and software updates. Our goal is to define all the processes of STO before we launch the dashboard for our first client.

Stobox Exchange

There are several important points you have to know about Stobox Exchange. It took us hours of research, dozens of comparative analysis, hundreds of UX variations, and deep dive into the industry details. Let me share the focus of the exchange with you:

  1. Exchange is destined for novice users and crypto adoption purposes, but not for the complex trading, ETFs, futures, leverages, etc. In other words, our goal is to provide the gateway to investments into outstanding promising crypto projects, rather than 100x trading of BTC or 25x leverage of Top-10 CMC.
  2. Community voting for project listing. We would list those projects that have passed our internal DD and are supported by our community. Therefore, we would lower the listing barriers for promising projects truly contributing to the development of Web-3, IPFS, DeFi, and Crypto landscapes.
  3. According to our research, 80%+ of non-crypto-related people find it tremendously difficult to evaluate opportunities of upcoming pre-sales, EIOs, IDOs, etc. This means that the industry seeks simpler to comprehend solutions to adopt newcomers. As most gems and micro caps are DEX listed, potential investors have to not only overcome the “white noise” of scam offerings but also to manage Metamask, private keys, Uniswap… Thousands of complex details put extremely high informational and operational barriers in front of massive adoption. Our goal is to bring those barriers down! Further down the road, we will share UXs that show the simplicity at which we see investments into whitelisted and community-supported projects on the Stobox exchange. Our goal is to bring millions of regular users into the industry – people that would like to invest in crypto, but have no clear vision of how not to lose their money and are not willing to spend hours on detailed research and complex product learning.
  4. Stobox Exchange will have 3 levels of verification. The limits shown on the screen below are for demo purposes only. Depending on KYC/AML status certain limits apply.

5. We implement a complex referral program to motivate active users. Unlike traditional linear referral programs, we plan to implement more sophisticated ones. I.e. a user referral payouts depend not only on their personal invites but on the whole team structure underneath. If you invite an active user who will invite new people, you would gain value as your team grows. Users with bigger teams will have certain advantages which will provide early users with a unique opportunity to benefit with Stobox in the long run.

6. Using STBU is the only feasible option for both projects and users. To get the best terms on commission fees, it is worth paying the listing fees, marketing, or promo fees in STBU. We promote our ecosystem token as an internal medium of exchange and a payment mechanism. This provides a growing demand for the Stobox token!

Analytics & Business Documentation

There is not much news to share in this section. Most of Stobox analytical resources were allocated to:

  1. Research of Legal requirements of Notice Fillings in Wyoming;
  2. Research of regulations and pitfalls of Swiss company incorporation;
  3. Filling out application forms on STO aggregators;
  4. Updating Private Placement Memorandum for Stobox Technologies Inc. STO;

Finally, the circulating supply has been updated on the CMC!
Stobox is joining the biggest blockchain community in the EU – Crypto Valley Association! (TBA)

Sales metrics

Leads: 4
New projects in a pipeline:

  • Real Estate project from Germany;
  • Real Estate project from Canada;

New signed contracts: 0
Demo with leads: 3
Website leads: 2

Marketing and Production

Legal and Finance

Most of the activity in this section has to remain private. However, we are happy to announce that we have built our own legal compliance team and enforced it with certain decision power. It is not up to shareholders or investors when it comes to KYC or AML policies. Stobox implements the best practices and compliance rules the way as any financial organisation would do. Policies implementation makes sure we comply with the international rules and regulation and play on the safe side. Our goal is to avoid legal risks and make sure Stobox has no legal challenges in the long run.

Finally, I would like to thank all of our team members, active partners, and community members who contribute to Stobox! Have a great week!

With warm regards,
Gene Deyev

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