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Stobox Weekly Report 05/2021

Stobox Weekly Report 05/2021

Report about Stobox progress and activities during the week 05 of the year 2021.

Dear Stoboxians,

If you have any questions about Stobox plans or progress – please write to me [email protected] or in our group chats.

Technical and Product Development

We continue to work on several products trying to manage time and focus on our products. The priority is the DS Dashboard and the launch of Stobox STO. Moreover, we understand that secondary trading is a must and therefore push the development of the DS Swap. Here is what has been done so far and its current status:

  1. DS Dashboard Investor’s view – completed;
  2. DS Dashboard Corporate view – final testing of the back-end integration and API;
  3. Securities Smart Contract v.1.4 – done. This is the last updated and the final version of the contract which implements secondary trading limits. We will use this contract to deploy Stobox Tokenized Shares (STBX). We have implemented a role management system within the smart contract in order to provide us and our customers with maximum flexibility in operations with their security tokens.
  4. DS Swap – beta testing of the functionality. We use Uniswap protocol and implement Stobox smart contracts to perform the same mechanics/flow as in Uniswap but with the enforcement of rules and permissions required by the securities legal framework.

We will launch STO when all pieces of the infrastructure are completed and tested. We have more than 100 potential investors into Stobox Tokenized Share waiting for the launch.

In addition, we have completed a smart contract for $STBU staking and are finalizing the web interface for it. More information about staking and the rules will be published prior to the launch. We believe it will be the 3rd decade of February.

Staking section of Stobox Exchange

Business Development and Analytics

As you may know, Stobox main company is registered in the US. Therefore, it is extremely important to know the nuances of managing non-EU investors. We have completed research on securities regulations for the MENA region and have a better picture when dealing with Middle-East investments or potential STOs.

As you may see from our activity, we are updating our website. Within this task, we have also updated pricing and packages for DS Dashboard. You can find them here – The Roadmap has been updated as well.

Last week we have done 80% of the work on refactoring our Whitepaper which explains the use of the Stobox Token and the Ecosystem in general. We hope to release the updated version of the Whitepaper in the near future.

Sales metrics:
New projects in the pipeline: 1
New signed contracts: 1
Calls with leads: 8
Demo with leads: 2

Website leads: 14!
Website leads are increasing due to active works on the website itself as well as promotions via different marketing channels.

Marketing activities

Few understand the background work and just expect results. We’ve decided to list every delivery item that has been successfully managed and done last week. Look for yourselves 😉

  • Launched Stobox Global Bounty Campaign;
  • Updated Stobox website;
  • Announced winners of Stobox Promotion Contest;
  • Published a Stobox CEO speech Gene Deyev at Malta Blockchain Conference;
  • Published an interview of Ross Shemeliak on Security Token Market Media;
  • Published a press-release Stobox Meets Asia Blockchain Community “Securitize the Future” on Blockcast media;
  • Published Stobox Interview with Florian Ducommun (Head of Asset Tokenization at Crypto Valley);
  • Recorded Stobox Interview with Philip Tam (Founder Cryptosx);
  • Finalized first steps of crypto marketing with a new team member Alex;
  • Engaged SEO contractors;
  • Recorded 9 videos for Stobox YouTube channel;
  • 70% prepared an NFT article;
  • 60% prepared an article for BitcoinInsider;
  • Created new Stobox Interviews background images;
  • Researched new streaming tools for a Stobox Interview;
  • Stobox website updates:

– Connected Google Analytics;
– Revised all copyrights;
– Updated Stobox Partners;
– Uploaded Stobox team-members photos;
– Updated Stobox Media Partners;
– Setup a Calendly for Tokenization and Demo;
– Finalized a flow of all lead-forms on the website;
– Uploaded first 5 articles to the Stobox Blog page;

  • Published 1 comment to actual news in the blockchain industry.

Dear Stoboxians, dear Stakeholders, and Investors, there are numerous projects that contribute to the industry and perform well. Our main goal in Stobox is to develop our stand-alone ecosystem for digital assets and digital securities to create a better future and bring adoption of decentralized Web-3 technologies to everyday users. It’s a great road to be on, but this road is always full of surprises and challenges. It’s always tough to move from 0 to 1 where you create something from 0, rather than just copy what others did!

Thank you for your support and involvement!

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