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Stobox Weekly Report 04/2021

Stobox Weekly Report 04/2021

Report about Stobox progress and activities during the week 04 of the year 2021.

Dear Stoboxians,

If you have any questions about Stobox plans or progress – please write to me [email protected] or in our group chats.

As you may know, tokenized securities work differently from utility tokens, therefore all operations functions and parameters have to be foreseen. We have successfully released Stobox Securities Smart Contracts v.1.3, where we have implemented more advanced functionality for secondary trading compared to the previous version. Compliant unlocked trading of tokenized securities via DS Swap brings more attention to Stobox and the security token niche.

Swap features are integrated into the DS Dashboard and will be available for the additional subscription. Access to secondary trading will depend on the subscription model. $STBU will be utilized as payment for the subscription. In the long-run, most revenues will be generated from secondary trading functions.

DS Swap – Uniswap for security tokens

Last week we have completed several researches. One was on compliance costs for centralized and decentralized trading venues. It’s unbelievable. Most companies are not traded because of the cost of legal and technical arrangements. They may very from $300k to $15mil. yearly to support active secondary trading for your company. Our goal is to decrease this boundary by at least 10x!

Last week’s business development KPIs:
Starting from this week we will include KPIs in every Weekly Report!

New projects in the pipeline: 2
New signed contracts: 1
Calls with leads: 9
Demo with leads: 1
Website leads: 4

Bounty Program Launched!

Marketing-wise, last week was active. We had announced a partnership with the blockchain advisory company from the US; published Stobox Company overview on emerging crypto media Bitcourierpublished a press-release that Stobox Meets Asia Blockchain Community “Securitize the Future” on TheTokenizerpublished a Borys Pikalov comment to the Tier-1 US-based television network NTDannounced live discussion of crypto and tokenization in Clubhouse.

We are constantly working on enhancing the quality of our content.

Additionally, we have done several tasks on the legal side of the business:

  • Researched Blue Sky Laws in rule 506 in Wyoming;
  • Created a KYC Procedure Guide of Stobox investors;
  • Preparation of acquisition of Stobox Ukrainian company by Stobox US Company. This is done prior to Stobox STO.

And yes, finally! There will be $STBU staking. Working on that!

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