Stobox - The Power Of Tokenization

Stobox's proprietary methodology and practices allow transferring any asset to the blockchain in a legally compliant and efficient way.

Stobox - The Power Of Tokenization

Stobox is an award-winning tokenization company that provides technology and consulting to help clients leverage digital assets and tokenized securities.

Stobox's proprietary methodology and practices allow transferring any asset to the blockchain in a legally compliant and efficient way.

Unlocking the power of tokenization

  • Unlock liquidity and interoperability using DeFi, which increases the price of assets by up to 40%.
  • Achieve differentiation by tapping into NFTs and utility tokens. Stand out from the competition, increase margins and customer engagement.
  • Adapt to the challenges of the 21st century.

Gateway into the decentralized web

  • Tokenization as a tool for private companies to fundraise globally completely online.
  • Distribute existing shares of well-funded companies among shareholders and avoid paperwork.
  • Open a secondary market for private companies without going public.

Benefits for Businesses

10+ companies are in the process of launching their Security Token Offering with Stobox. More reviews to come...

Turn-key solution by Stobox

Stobox provides complete support at all tokenization stages, which eliminates the need to engage multiple different service providers.

Open new opportunities

Unlock new business models based on Web-3 technologies.


Fundraise regardless of your size, requirements, geography and growth trajectory.

Decentralized trading

Become more attractive to investors by enabling decentralized trading of securities by using Stobox DS Swap.

Reach diverse investors

Raise capital from any investor with checks from $100 to $10M.

Benefits for Investors

Blockchain transforms finance in a same way how Internet transformed communications.

Easy investment process

No involvement of middlemen and physical travel for purchase β€” direct, digital, streamlined investment.

Decentralized trading

Most private securities, as well as security tokens, are not tradable, but with Stobox, trading is enabled.

Security tokens are regulated and provide full legal protection of investor rights.

New investment approach

Engage Millennials and Generation Z using gamified user engagements.

Access unique assets

Stobox clients offer lucrative investment opportunities most investors don’t have access to.

How tokenization works

Stobox's proprietary methodology and practices allow transferring any asset to the blockchain in a legally compliant and efficient way.

  1. Assets to be tokenized are consolidated into a Special-purpose Vehicle (SPV).
  2. Stobox transfers paper-based securities into smart contracts deployed on a blockchain.
  3. Investors register on the platform and invest in security tokens.
  4. Issuers manage investors, corporate actions, and investor relations via DS Dashboard.
  5. The issuer creates a liquidity pool on DS Swap and becomes a market maker for its token to enable trading.
  6. Trade security tokens on the secondary market.

Tokenize! Why now?

The best time to start engaging with tokenization is now.

  1. Online payments and financial services have become globally adopted with electronic money.
  2. Democratization of investing: power is now on Main Street. Crowdfunding becomes more popular globally.
  3. Traditional banks become over-regulated creating barriers to international money transfers.
  4. Institutional investors demand too much power over the business. Not friendly for small businesses.
  5. Cryptocurrencies and tokenized assets are going mainstream despite market fluctuations.

Tokenization is a Web-3 technology

An idea for a new iteration of the World Wide Web based on blockchain technology, which incorporates concepts such as decentralization and token-based economics.

81% of consumers who have heard about Web 3.0 think that it will improve their happiness and wellbeing. National Research Group

Projected Tokenized Market Volume by 2027 in $trn by asset class

Source: World Economic Forum

Join Stobox! Learn about tokenization.

We have tokenized our shares on the Ethereum blockchain and are pioneering in technology development and implementation.

Learn about Stobox Security Token (STBX)


Develop open, efficient, and highly liquid capital markets for private companies using Tokenization and Web-3 Technologies.


Enabling businesses with the implementation of decentralized blockchain technologies, simplifying operations with digital assets, and removing the obstacles to their adoption.


  • Promotion of community-driven businesses;
  • Digital assets are accessible and manageable for everyone;
  • Promotion of innovation and tech evolution;
  • Simplification of processes of tokenization.