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Stobox releases DS Dashboard for a 5-Star Eco Resort, helping it become fully tokenized
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Stobox releases DS Dashboard for a 5-Star Eco Resort, helping it become fully tokenized

Thanks to Stobox, Willows Retreat MDQ will be offering convertible debt for its investors.

Stobox, a turn-key tokenization provider, releases a Digital Securities Dashboard for a 5-Star Eco Holiday Resort called Willows Retreat MDQ, another Stoneguard Group project.

Stoneguard Group is a company with a rich and evolving history dating back over 50 years. Stoneguard’s name has been synonymous with quality and craftsmanship in the fields of restoration and conservation, working on many prestigious projects including Buckingham Palace, The Houses of Parliament, The Bank of England, The London Underground, and many more.

Willows Retreat MDQ is a fully green 5-star Eco Resort, with 34 Luxury Eco Holiday Villas Situated on 18-acres of meadow with an Edible Orchard & Organic Vegetable Garden, Sited in a prime holiday region in Southwest France. With the help of DS Dashboard, the initiative will be offering convertible debt for its investors, thanks to which the latter will be receiving a guaranteed income. Additionally, in 3 years, the investors will be able to convert debt tokens into equity or get the money back if they don’t feel satisfied with the performance.

Michael Hinman, Stoneguard Group Chairman & Founder: “We have recognized that Security Token Offering is a superior method of capital raising, and we are grateful to Stobox Team for a delightful collaboration throughout the project setup, as well as the unquestionable 24/7 support provided during the offering.”

Gene Deyev, CEO of Stobox: “Tokenization is a novice and truly disruptive tool every entrepreneur should have access to: it’s the global adoption that makes disruptive technologies closer to the everyday world and enables them to do more good for society. We are pleased to provide solutions to an innovative and eco-friendly project, which Project Willows is. Just like Heraclitus’s river is never the same, so are technologies in a modern, fast-paced world, and I think that Stobox’s and Project Willows collaboration is one of the loudest evidence to it”.

Stobox is an award-winning tokenization company that provides technology and consulting to help clients leverage digital assets and tokenized securities, one of the few in the world to deliver a decentralized trading protocol for digital securities. Its native tokenization platform, Stobox Digital Securities Dashboard, allows completing a technical setup in up to 4 weeks while also bringing a scope of other benefits like accessing investors globally and enabling the shares trading.

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