Decoding Stobox's Dynamic Pricing and Stobox Token Utility Strategy

Discover Stobox's innovative pricing models and how STBU tokens enhance its digital asset services.

Decoding Stobox's Dynamic Pricing and Stobox Token Utility Strategy

In the landscape of digital assets and blockchain technology, Stobox stands out with its unique approach to pricing and the strategic integration of its Stobox Tokens (STBU) into its suite of services. This article explains the intricate pricing structures of Stobox's key products - DS Dashboard, DS Swap, and the Progress Regulatory and Compliance Layer. Additionally, it highlights the innovative utility of STBU tokens within these services, underscoring Stobox's commitment to creating long-term value and efficiency in its ecosystem. 

Stobox offers a flexible pricing model to suit issuers with extensive operational needs. For those managing multiple security tokens or conducting numerous STO rounds, the pricing can be customized to fit their specific requirements.

This approach ensures a more cost-effective solution for issuers with larger or more complex activities, aligning the costs with their usage intensity and operational scale.

Initial Setup Fee

A one-time fee of $12,000. This includes the creation of one security token and facilitating three Security Token Offerings (STOs).

Annual Subscription

A recurring yearly fee of $8,000 for continued access to and use of the platform.

Extra Security Token Creation

An additional charge of $1,500 for each new security token issued beyond the initial one included in the setup.

Extra STO Rounds

Each additional STO round conducted is priced at $500.

Combined Package for Additional Tokens and STOs

Issuance of an additional security token with three STO rounds, there's a bundled price of $2,500.

Advertising Module

  • In-Dashboard Promotion: Businesses can advertise directly within the DS Dashboard using banner ads, offering a targeted approach to reach users.
  • Third-Party Advertisement Hosting: The platform allows for hosting third-party advertisements, providing an opportunity for users to earn Stobox Tokens as a form of compensation or reward.

Customization Options

Issuers can tailor the DS Dashboard to their specific requirements, enhancing its utility and relevance to their business operations.

Standard Fee

DS Swap Module is available without any initial charge.

Activation of Liquidity Pools with Security Tokens

A fee of $5,000 is required for setting up and activating a liquidity pool with a security token.

Activation of Liquidity Pools with Non-Security Tokens

  • A fee of $2,500 is required for setting up and activating compliant liquidity pools for non-security token pairs.
  • A Stobox commission of 0.1% on the trading volume may be applicable.
Issuers have the discretion to set their commission rates for trading/swaps. The rates must comply with the regulatory framework specific to each issuer.

For each transaction, Stobox charges a $1 fee collected in Stobox Tokens to ensure adherence to specific regulatory guidelines.

The primary method for managing compliance is through an automated system known as the Progress Compliance Layer, which employs blockchain technology to seamlessly conform to diverse regulatory frameworks in various jurisdictions. However, businesses may choose to manually manage compliance of transactions.

Stobox offers a unique payment approach for its DS Dashboard and related tokenization services, emphasizing the use of Stobox Tokens.

While business clients can pay using either fiat currency or Stobox Tokens, choosing the latter has a significant impact: 25% of all Stobox Tokens received as payment will be burned, reducing the total supply. Additionally, fees for the Progress Compliance Layer are exclusively payable in Stobox Tokens, with half of these tokens also being burned, reinforcing the token's value and utility in the ecosystem.

For example: When Company X, opts to pay all fees in Stobox Tokens for their yearly activities, they would create an organic demand for the equivalent of $25,500 in Stobox Tokens. This total includes the initial setup fee, the issuance of two security tokens, two STO rounds, the creation of two liquidity pools, and 1000 transactions using the compliance layer.

Stobox is strategically enhancing the utility of its Stobox Tokens (STBU) within its ecosystem, integrating them where they add significant value. This approach positions STBU as a long-term digital asset, deeply ingrained in the company's products and services.

By embedding the STBU token into various aspects of its offerings, Stobox is increasing the token's practicality and reinforcing its position as a fundamental element in the company's digital infrastructure. This initiative reflects a commitment to leveraging blockchain technology to augment the efficiency and value proposition of their business solutions.

Stobox has scheduled its next token burn event for January 2024.

This event will reflect the culmination of operations conducted in the last quarter of 2023. Such token burns are strategic measures aimed at adjusting the supply of Stobox Tokens (STBU) in circulation, potentially influencing their value and scarcity. This planned action aligns with Stobox's broader strategy of embedding the STBU token's utility into its ecosystem, reinforcing its role as a key digital asset within the company's range of products and services.

Investment in digital assets like STBU involves additional risks including those related to the features of the token itself, potential security issues, and the regulatory environment which remains uncertain and can significantly affect the token's value. Always proceed with caution and only invest what you can afford to lose.