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Stobox Monthly Report — October-November 2021

Stobox Monthly Report — October-November 2021

Report about Stobox progress and activities during October and November 2021

Hello Stoboxians,

We are pleased to release Stobox’s monthly report for two months — October and November — combined. This report helps Stobox investors, team members, fans, and regular users track the company’s progress and achievements. In order to cover all scope of the company’s developments, we logically divide our actives into the following categories:

Digital Securities Dashboard

Current version – 2.14.15

Stobox Digital Securities Dashboard is a comprehensive SAAS solution to streamline all operations with tokenized securities (STO). It allows reaching investors globally, enables trading of shares, and tapping into new powerful sources of capital. The product overview is available on the official website here.

Product updates:

1. Released an STO client on the DS Dashboard infrastructure: Land Share LLC;
2. Updated several issues with UI/UX;
3. Developed an atomic swap for security tokens. It allows Stobox clients to automate security tokens management on primary distribution (STO);
4. Bug fixing and working on new user stories;
5. Research and implementation of Binance Smart Network, Polygon, and Metis.

The Scope of Work for the next product update

  1. Integration of Wallet Connect;
  2. Mobile optimization;
  3. Redesign of Registration/Login pages.

Please note that the dev team is not only working on the product development, but also on the deployment of STO clients. Every client is unique and requires a certain level of customization and involvement of the technical and support team.

Crypto Exchange

The Stobox team works on the proprietary CEX exchange for both business and individual users.

Current version – Beta 0.8.0

Stobox is improving and updating its products to make them more convenient and innovative. We have the following product updates:

  • To promote trading on Stobox Exchange, we’ve introduced 0-commissions on STBU pairs;
  • Set up dynamic commissions for withdrawals in order to avoid losses when blockchain fees are high;
  • Added important information and updated design in the Order History section;
  • Added BSC integration. Users may deposit & withdraw BEP20 standard tokens;
  • Updated the list of notifications;
  • Structured API for external listings of Stobox Exchange. E.g. CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko;
  • Introduced localization module to streamline the setup of multiple languages;
  • Updated email delivery system;
  • Optimized the speed of the front-end pages loading for up to 30%;
  • Completed the statistics module. Working on the main statistics data, here are some of the important metrics:

◦ +133% – Active traders from October to November;
◦ +76% – New users on the Exchange from October to November.

The Scope of Work for Beta 0.9.0

At the time of writing this report, we are working on the 0.9.0 version internally and planning to release it by the end of December. The updated version includes:

  • Dark theme for Stobox fans;
  • Mobile optimization;
  • Fireblocks integration to protect and provide insurance for Stobox client’s funds;
  • Setup of the IEO launchpad.

Once the 0.9.0 is live, we will start adding the exchange to CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko and list the most common cryptocurrencies from more than 20 blockchains.

Stobox Progress Chain

The Stobox team has recently started working on the Stobox chain. Within the next 1-2 months we’ll publish the updates and show the progress. By the way, we’ve made the decision to call it “Progress”. If there is “Optimism”, there is definitely room for “Progress”. All product updates will be released on Github (please read the Readme file to learn about the chain structure).

Website & Other Product Dev

  • Ongoing development of the Stobox Official Website to v.8.0.0.

◦ Stobox ID/SSO;
◦ Integration of Fireblocks KMS.

Marketing & PR

  • Published 4 new videos on the Stobox Youtube Channel. Learn how real estate companies and regular investors can benefit from tokenization, hear updates on multi-jurisdictional offering strategies, find out how to avoid legal risks during a global fundraising campaign. The most advanced of our followers can check the video on how Decentralized Finance enhances the yield and liquidity of tokenized securities/security tokens.
  • Published a series of professional articles in our Blog. The published articles provide insightful content for our readers as well as positively influence our Search Engine Optimisation ranking.
  • series of tokenization digests has been published with the up-to-date news of the industry. It’s extremely important to be on the edge of the industry’s development and research on the best industry’s practices and updates.
  • Published an interview with Borys Pikalov at Hackernoon.


  • Stobox co-founder and Head of Analytics Borys Pikalov gave a speech on Blockchain.UA, an offline conference in Kyiv, Ukraine, covering the topic of assets tokenization for Small and Medium Enterprises. Moreover, Borys participated in a niche conference by CoinAgenda in Monaco. Professional ties and global recognition benefit Stobox from multiple perspectives.
  • Dubai, UAE recently became a blockchain hub, hosting a series of the most popular events in the industry. CEO @Gene Deyev and COO @Ross Shemeliak participated in 4 conferencesFuture Innovation SummitCrypto ExpoWOW SummitGITEX. The interest in tokenization from Dubai-based companies in the Financial and Real Estate sectors influenced the decision to set up a representative office in Dubai and set up Stobox as a licensed company in the Dubai International Financial Centre.

Stobox Exchange & Crypto Activities

  • is one of Stobox oldest friends and partnerships. In order to spread the word about Stobox updates, we held a live stream with their community;
  • We have created a liquidity pool on Pancake Swap to enhance trading of STBU on the Binance Smart Chain. Low commission for trading Stobox Token;
  • Added STBU (BEP20) to Stobox token holders and traders can migrate from Ethereum to BSC via Gate Exchange interchangeably;
  • Launched a liquidity mining pool with our market-making parters – Market Making Pro;
  • Announced the first token listing on Stobox Exchange;
  • Announced the first IEO on Stobox Exchange.

Business Development

  • Partnered with PSP Angels. These guys help start-ups and online merchants to navigate their way through the difficult maze of the online payment world;
  • Partnered with Digital Niche Agency;
  • Partnered with Metis L2 Blockchain.


Sales Management

  1. 7 new clients have signed with Stobox on turn-key STO solutions. Clients operate in the following industries: Real Estate, Cryptomining, Sustainability, Agriculture, etc.
  2. The first US-based real estate STO was launched in November;
  3. Tens of STO leads in the pipeline for Q1 2022 deliveries.

Sales Operations

  1. Sales Playbook for newcomers has been successfully completed. Every team member has all the necessary information and stack of knowledge to deliver the best Stobox practices and products to the market.
  2. Started a global refactoring of the delivery process in order to boost and make smooth customer satisfaction.

Client Delivery

  1. 4 STO Reports for clients from Real Estate, Cryptomining industry, and NFT Marketplace have been prepared in November.
  2. 3 clients are at the final stage of technical DS Dashboard deployment and will go live with STO at the end of December.


In October-November, the analytics department was focused on 5 key areas of work:

  1. Improving the speed and quality of the delivery process:

a. Developed the written framework for defining each of the dozens of offering parameters so that the decisions and the information exchange can be carried out faster.
b. New STO structuring options, specifically for investment funds.
c. Built partnerships with several banking providers to reduce the time our clients spend on the bank account opening process.
d. Improving information handoff between analytics and tech teams during the deployment process so that it proceeds fast and smoothly.

2. By researching existing customers and the market overall we assisted sales & marketing with fine-tuning their campaigns. We were also improving the baseline level of specialized knowledge to make these teams even more creative and independent.

3. Tuning internal processes. We were working on defining areas of research and responsibilities of the team, as well as introducing other best management practices.

4. Working on the base of knowledge. We have added additional cases to our extensive base of STOs and started doing a more detailed research of the most interesting cases to get more insights and learn further what we can achieve. Also, we did quite a significant research on competitors, which yielded insights on improving our positioning and product.

5. Lastly, we expanded the team to increase our capacity to process clients and internal requests.

Investor Relations

  • Released the Q3 report for Stobox Technologies Inc. shareholders.

Stobox Technologies Inc. has tokenized 100% of its equity and is managing equity-backed security tokens in Stobox DS Dashboard. To invest, simply register, pass identity verification, and purchase Stobox shares in the form of tokenized securities.

If you have any questions about Stobox plans or progress, please write us at [email protected] or in our group chats.

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