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Stobox Monthly Report — August 2021

Stobox Monthly Report — August 2021

Report about Stobox progress and activities during August 2021

Hello Stoboxians,

We are pleased to release Stobox’s monthly report for August. Please be informed that previously Stobox issued reports on a weekly basis, however as Stobox grows we have decided to shift to monthly reporting. In order to cover all scope of company’s developments we logically divide our actives in the following categories:

Stobox products

DS Dashboard

Stobox Digital Securities Dashboard is a comprehensive SAAS solution to streamline all operations with tokenized securities. Reach investors globally, enable trading of your shares, and tap into new powerful sources of capital.

Current version – 2.6.7.

The product overview is available on the official website here.


  1. Multiple offerings functionality
  2. Complete bug review and UX/UI corrections

Currently, DS Dashboard is being deployed for 3 clients launching Security Token Offerings in September and Q4 2021. All 3 offerings are structured with the advisory and assistance from Stobox.

Crypto Exchange

Stobox launches traditional CEX for both business and individual users. It’s focused on the following issues:

  • Support corporate clients with listing their utility tokens
  • Benefit from the growing number of cryptocurrency users
  • Develop single service entry for both crypto assets and security token users

Current version – 0.6.0.

In September we are focusing on the following developments:

  • API with Liquidity Providers
  • Localisation: Ukrainian, Vietnamese
  • Adding selected assets
  • Enhancing usability

Once we add liquidity providers and list assets we are planning to launch series of user engaging activities. I.e. trading competitions, lotteries, etc. Activities should engage new users on exchange and promote Stobox Token utilisation. Moreover, we have implemented referral program that allows community owners to earn from their users.

Important. We have made a decision to file for the digital assets licence in Ukraine, once the legislation is being enforced. Ukraine is Top-10 country in the world by the amount of crypto activity as well as being the home country for Stobox founders.

DeFi & Crypto activities

Stobox has launched LP Farming on Ethereum. In order to participate in high-yield return a user has to supply ETH and STBU into Uniswap Liquidity Pool and then stake LP tokens here.
In August we have listed Stobox Token on:

  • Lumi Wallet
  • Infinito Wallet
  • SafePal Wallet

Our dev team is currently researching on best practices and implementation of L2 technologies. We plan to introduce own DeFi infrastructure opt for security tokens and international standards on AML and KYC policies. Besides embedded regulations development of bridges and shift to L2 networks would dramatically decrease costs of management and swap of tokenized assets and securities.

Website and other product dev

1. Ongoing development of Stobox Official Website to v.8.0.0.

  • Stobox ID / SSO
  • Integration with DS Dashboard and Crypto Exchange

2. Updated corporate UX/UI guidelines ensuring better usability for Stobox products.

If you have any questions about Stobox products and the process of development, please write to [email protected]

Tokenization services

We are extremely happy to announce that in August we have closed 4 deals for Security Token Offerings:

  1. Asian Investment Fund
  2. Real Estate Company from USA
  3. Family Fund from United Kingdom
  4. Investment Fund from Canada

Also 4 clients have received their STO reports and currently consider future offerings. The first STO to be announced is Mariana Mining.

Stobox sales team together with the marketing department have created a sophisticated system of lead generation. Growing interest towards STO from corporate clients positively impact sales figures for Stobox services.

The financial statement will be released for Stobox Common Stock [STBX] investors upon completion of Q3 20201. Follow steps here to invest in Stobox Technologies Inc.

Other ongoing activities and achievements

  1. Ongoing marketing campaign to attract STO clients.
  2. Refactoring of presentation and sales materials.
  3. Refactoring tokenomics in accordance to L2 POS model.
  4. Ongoing business development with numerous companies, services and potential partners.
  5. Setting up optimised legal structure for Stobox operations.
  6. Setting up crypto activities for September.
  7. Updating roadmap for Q4 2021.

Become a shareholder of Stobox Technologies Inc.

Get exposure to the lucrative fast growing market via the company with strong competitive advantages. We have transferred 100% of our corporate share equity into security tokens  STBX.

Check more about investor requirements, token holder rights, offered supply and other details.

Invest in Stobox Tokenized Stock

We have tokenized our shares and are offering them to different investors groups via Security Token Offering. To invest into Stobox common stock please continue here.

Please join our Discord Community. We are creating a place where everyone can share thoughts and ask questions about Stobox products and services.

If you have any questions about Stobox plans or progress, please write us at [email protected] or in our group chats.

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