Stobox launches $STBU LP Farming.

Stobox launches $STBU LP Farming

Stobox launches $STBU LP Farming.

Dear Stoboxians,

We are happy to inform you that we are launching Liquidity Mining for Stobox Token. As you may know, liquidity is one of the most important factors for a token's healthy operations. In order to increase the Stobox Token Uniswap V2 Pool, we promote our community to stake LP tokens and earn high APY. At the beginning of the LP program, the APY may reach tens of thousands percent, however, the APY will decrease after more people add liquidity (first users will get ridiculously high APY). The LP is based on 2 assets: Ethereum (ETH) and Stobox Token (STBU).

In order to participate in Stobox Uniswap V2 LP mining, please follow the steps below:

  1. Go to and Connect your wallet (Ethereum only).
  2. You have to deposit both assets into the liquidity pool and get LP V2 tokens. Press Get STBU-ETH LP or go directly to Uniswap to deposit to the pool.
  3. Once you have Uniswap LP tokens in your wallet, you press Approve in order to activate the smart contract.
  4. After Approve is completed, you Stake LP tokens by selecting the appropriate amount. You receive APY on only LP tokens that are staked. If you have remaining LP tokens in your wallet and they are not staked, you will not receive interest on the unstaked amount.
  5. After Stake is successfully completed, you will start to receive your rewards in STBU.
  6. Press Harvest to claim your interest.

Once you want to withdraw from LP mining, you have to Unstake LPs and then use Uniswap to remove liquidity and claim your initial assets: Ethereum and Stobox Token.

Please be informed that Uniswap distributes the commission of 0.3% of anyone who provides liquidity into pools run on Uniswap. In other words, you will get additional income from Uniswap.

Please be aware that both assets are extremely volatile and locking them in a liquidity pool may cause impairment loss. Please be cautious and responsible for your actions.

Upon the Liquidity Pool Mining program the APY is tens of thousands percent, but once more users add LPs the percentage rewards will decrease. Don’t miss your opportunity.