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Stobox joins Global Digital Finance Association
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Stobox joins Global Digital Finance Association

The membership will open new collaboration opportunities with the leading companies like Tether, Bitfinex, Ernst & Young.

A leading turn-key tokenization provider Stobox becomes a member of Global Digital Finance, the TOP international group supporting and driving the implementation of digital asset best practices.

GDF is an industry community group that invites market participants, legislators, and regulators to follow best practices for crypto assets and digital finance technology by creating performance guidelines through a collaborative interaction platform. It brings together professionals from around the world to engage politicians and regulators in order to encourage industry best practices. In particular, this association features such known brands as Bitfinex, Ernst & Young, Filecoin, ConsenSys, Chainalysis and Tether. Experts from regulators, states, industry, and academics make up their Advisory Group. A chance to work in an organization introducing a significant number of investors and financial institutes is a huge step forward for Stobox, and we believe that such cooperation will let us grow even faster.

Though already having experience of cooperating with digital authorities, for instance, the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine and Malta Digital Information Authority, the given collaboration is going to open up new opportunities for the brand. As a part of GDF, Stobox will contribute to the industry and create new market standards, promote tokenization by participating and sharing the insight as well as the analytics in the global process of creating standards for tokenization service providers. The brand will also accelerate the implementation of blockchain solutions for businesses worldwide. All the steps are crucial in the matter of disseminating the given technology along with its commercialization.

Stobox is an award-winning tokenization provider who is the first in the world to deliver a decentralized trading protocol for digital securities. It has tokenized its own stock, STBX, and placed them up for sale on the STO. The brand’s near-term plans include opening a cryptocurrency platform, Stobox Exchange, that will focus on coins issued by traditional businesses. Today, the brand can help companies tokenize investment funds, startups, real estate, natural resources, and even art, or precious collectibles.

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