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Stobox conducts STO for Candela Project
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Stobox conducts STO for Candela Project

A set of inspiring residential collections in Mexico is tapping into new sources of income tokenization can offer thanks to Stobox.

Stobox, a turn-key tokenization provider, has launched a Security Token Offering for Candela Project, a luxury villas complex in Tulum, Mexico.

Candela creates one-of-a-kind residential communities in Mexico’s most attractive locations, combining a modern, luxurious lifestyle with carefully chosen facilities, turn-key services, and integrative wellness programs. From the lush jungles of Tulum to the cherished colonial town of Valladolid, Candela showcases distinctive architecture, captivating design, and a purposeful concept rooted in wellness that is customized to each unique location to honor the history, natural beauty, and local culture. The project currently has 12 private villas and 14 residences at its disposal, ready to be sold entirely or fractionally.

Candela hired Stobox as a turn-key STO provider who will assist in raising funds for the project’s outstanding villas in the booming region of Tulum so that its tokenized shares are offered to investors worldwide. The Stobox team provided the Candela crew with a comprehensive roadmap for the security token offering in the consultancy stage and a customized Digital Securities Dashboard, where fundraising will be conducted. Finally, Stobox’s legal team helped structure the offering and make it more accessible for all Candela investors.

“To be honest, — Rodrigo López, Candela’s Co-Founder, confesses — none of our team were experts on crypto, tokens, blockchain, and many other related subjects; it’s a continuous learning that never stops. Still, this didn’t stop the Stobox team from bearing with us, from having their technical team explain technical nuances as many times as needed to get the message clear and across. One of the things I liked about this company was the flexibility and capability of adapting to our specific needs, to take into account our timing and structure to personalize a solution for us.”

“It was Albert Einstein, I think, who said a famous thing about life being like a bicycle. Shortly, this is what is happening to the real estate sector right now, and Candela project has proven itself to be a genuinely one-step-ahead initiative by deciding to tokenize their shares,” — says Gene Deyev, CEO of Stobox.

Stobox is an award-winning tokenization provider that has fully tokenized its shares and made them available for purchase during a security token offering. The company offers a range of products and services in tokenization and crypto, like Digital Assets Exchange, DS Dashboard, DS Swap, ETH/BSC Bridge, and tokenization-related management and consulting.

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