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New partnership release: Stobox and STO Market
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New partnership release: Stobox and STO Market

With the joint effort, Stobox and STM will integrate data and work on educational content.

Stobox and Security Token Market (STM) have entered into long-term cooperation via the Data Partnership Network agreement to boost the tokenization industry.

Stobox is an award-winning tokenization company offering tokenization and consulting services for its clients worldwide. The company launched DS Swap, which opens secondary trading for security tokens.

STM is a leading global source of data and news on tokenized assets. It has a vast partnership network that provides access to dozens of services for companies engaged in tokenization, including data integrations, marketing partnerships, and much more.

STM users will see up-to-date data from the DS Swap exchange. Stobox customers will also be listed on STM. For our part, we will refer clients interested in marketing services to STM. Together we will continue contributing to the development of the tokenization market worldwide.

Stobox and STO Market will also hold joint educational podcasts, AMA sessions, discussions on tokenization market development, etc. The community should expect many activities, cross-collaborations, and other events in the following months to help businesses find modern approaches and instruments. Having vast experience in the tokenization market, Stobox and STM aim to push the industry further and take part in its development.

Both our partners and we have prepared activities for the upcoming months. Stay tuned and check STM and Stobox’s websites for the latest news and updates!

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