3 Ground-breaking instruments to empower brand loyalty and grow the community in 2021

It has never been easier to start a company or to replicate someone else's business model than it is today. Competition for consumers' attention is fierce, and getting through the noise is becoming more difficult. Being transparent, truthful, and compassionate is no longer enough. To get ahead of the race, you have to walk an extra mile.

We’ll discuss two main branding themes for 2021, before focusing on creative digital tools that will help you take your branding to the next level by making users co-owners of your brand and incorporating gamification. These tools aren't a replacement for being genuine and making a decent product, but they will help you get a leg up on the market.

How digital has changed marketing

Attention span has dropped dramatically in recent decades, and it is currently just 60% of what it was 20 years ago. As a result, even though your product or service is valuable, people are now easily distracted, particularly when everyone is vying for their attention. To keep your audience involved, make sure to provide fascinating and truly immersive interaction with you. People want you to take them on a trip in 2021, not just to deliver a well-designed product. As a result, gamification and personalization are becoming increasingly necessary.

Business approaches for building a loyal community

The pandemic has a negative impact on social contact, which was a major setback for many individuals. People yearn for a sense of belonging and connection, which brands can help them achieve. Usually, a person is willing to switch products and services easily, but loyalty to a particular community of people is stronger than a basic habit; as a result, growing customer satisfaction requires creating a network. This is perfect for sales because the cost of attracting secondary orders from current consumers is on average 5 times smaller than the cost of acquiring new customers.

Immersive UI, community charitable events, and much more are all great ways to create an immersive experience and successfully build the community. Since issuing a token and keeping it running is what we excel at, let’s take a look at how tokens can be used as an instrument to enhance your brand.

How issuing tokens attracts new clients

Ownership tokens

Ownership tokens, also known as security tokens, are our most powerful tool. These are your actual shares, which are represented as digital tokens that you can sell through your website.

This tool performs two tasks:

1. It makes people personally invested in your brand in the most literal sense. This means that they will not only purchase your product or service more frequently, but they will also be more active in bringing in new clients, supporting your social media campaigns, and generally being your evangelists.

2. People who hold the tokens become your brand’s community. They have similar problems (which you solve) and at least one shared interest. Then it's just a matter of employing the proper techniques to entice them to participate.

Security tokens can be used in a variety of ways. One option is to use your tokens to directly reward your most loyal customers as part of a loyalty program. Another option is to simply open an investment round that is open to all customers and invite them to participate. The advantage of the second method is that you will be able to raise some additional capital to help you grow. You can also use a hybrid approach, such as offering a loyalty-based token purchase discount.

Since Stobox is primarily a B2B business, we went for a second option and made our tokenized shares available for purchase on our website. Stobox specializes in security tokens, and our YouTube channel has dozens of videos explaining the legal and marketing aspects of issuing them, as well as how to use this technology for fundraising. Subscribe to the channel to learn more about cutting-edge solutions for accelerating your business growth.

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